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Monopoly industries "glass door" is expected to open

        February 6 to 10, Premier Wen Jiabao at Zhongnanhai presided held five seminars to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the community on the "Government Work Report (draft)". Wen Jiabao said the government must reflect the people's vital interests and requirements, the report for consultation process, which must promote democracy, to listen to the opinions of the masses.棕色黄酒瓶厂 The written report is not the purpose in accordance with the direction of people's expectations and requirements to do so that people's satisfaction is the fundamental purpose.管制瓶厂 Emphasis on promoting the reform of monopoly industries
棕葡萄瓶厂 Chen Changzhi, Yan Jun Qi, Sang Guowei, Wan Gang, Han Qide, Lin Wenyi, Huang Mengfu, Yuan Si, brown glass bottle factory in administration " df="在各民主党派、全国工商联负责人和无党派人士座谈会上,周铁农、蒋树声、陈昌智、严隽琪、桑国卫、万钢、韩启德、林文漪、黄孟复和袁驷就财税体制、棕色玻璃瓶厂行政管理">        In the various democratic parties and personages without party affiliation forum of the National Association of Industry and Commerce is responsible for, the fiscal and taxation system of Zhou Tienong, Jiang Shusheng, Chen Changzhi, Yan Jun Qi, Sang Guowei, Wan Gang,棕色瓶厂 Han Qide, Lin Wenyi, Huang Mengfu, Yuan Si, brown glass bottle factory in administration system, income distribution system and the reform of monopoly industries, the equalization of basic public services, income housing projects, 精油瓶厂家 intellectual property protection, micro-enterprise development and other major issues of economic and social, made a deep thinking, and fully prepared, highly appropriate remarks.
        Zhou Tienong reform of monopoly industries has lagged far behind, resulting in unfair competition to become one of the key issues to be solved to accelerate the transformation of economic development. He suggested that the "report" is issued to increase the contents of deepening the reform of monopoly industries, improve the understanding of the leading cadres at all levels to respond to the voice of the masses of the people. Huang Mengfu, said to be a clear time limit, pay close attention to the introduction of the implement to encourage and guide private investment in the healthy development of the "new 36" supporting policies. Monopoly industries and public services, should be a reasonable requirement that access to private capital threshold.
       Wen said that the reform of monopoly industries is the important task of economic reform. To meet this requirement is to promote private capital to enter the fields of finance,棕色玻璃瓶厂 energy, transport and social undertakings, which can not only alleviate the difficulties of economic development, but also to promote the development of the whole cause. "36" is not implemented, the private capital into the encounter on the glass door, swinging door. The first half of this year must take the implementation details worked out. Reform to solve the allocation problem
       The beginning of the experts and scholars forum, Wen said, for ease of discussion, I first talk about a few things to think, heart to heart and we pay. First, to use reform to crack the problem. Both economic and structural problems, or the inequitable distribution of anti-corruption issues, and have to rely on the reform can be solved fundamentally rely on the system construction. Second, it is necessary livelihood issues resolved. Prices, housing prices, income distribution are the masses are most concerned about. Third, how to deal with this year's economic difficulties. 棕色啤酒瓶厂 " df="棕色啤酒瓶厂有两个途径非常重要:一是支持实体经济,特别是支持小微企业发展。">Brown beer bottle factory, there are two very important ways:  First, to support the real economy, especially to support the development of small micro-enterprises. Second, the deregulation of private capital to support the development of private enterprises. Proposed real estate regulation goals
       A variety of industries from real estate and other business people, bringing the current business operations and the development of the industry first hand. Wen said this, in January this year and a quarter of the economic situation of concern. To see things early, fast action, pre-tune and fine-tuning will begin from the first quarter. Turning to the regulation of real estate, real estate regulation has two goals: First, propelling prices to a reasonable return to unswervingly promote the real estate market, long-term, stable and healthy development, Wen said. As a country with a population of 1.3 billion, in industrialization, urbanization, real estate demand from long-term stresses are rigid. Of course, in the future in the form of housing is varied, not necessarily everyone has their own room, but everyone should have a residence. Can buy a house, you can also rent, but rent prices are also reasonable. Affordable housing and housing construction, neither can be neglected. Real estate development should give full play the basic role of market mechanisms, in order to promote fair and stable, government regulation can not loose.
       Wen said this year is the final year of the term of this government, the work must finish the job, can do no delay, can solve the problem is by no means shirk.
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